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July 2011

"What recession? It's boom time again in Silicon Valley"

There they go again

As she unloaded groceries in the driveway of her Palo Alto home, Lisen Stromberg was approached by a real estate broker who asked whether she'd be willing to sell her five-bedroom house to a senior Facebook executive.

"There is a house down the street selling for $6.3 million. I'll sell you mine for an even $6 million," she replied.

Her tongue-in-cheek asking price was about twice what her house is worth, but the broker didn't miss a beat and said he would speak with his client.

"When I told my husband, he laughed and said: 'Here we go again,'" Stromberg said.

What's new at Columbia B-school

According to Newsweek, 7/11:

Last August, though, researchers at the University of Texas and Columbia found that testosterone is helpful only when regulated by small amounts of another hormone called cortisol. What’s more, for those with a lot of cortisol in their blood, high levels of testosterone may actually impede winning.

Across Columbia’s campus, professors at the business school are putting this dominance science into practice, swabbing saliva samples from M.B.A. students to measure both hormones. Each subject is then given a prescription to get the two steroids into ideal balance: eat whole grains and cut out coffee to lower the cortisol; hit the weight room and take vitamin B to raise testosterone. Just before a crucial confrontation, standing in a certain “power pose” can calibrate the hormones temporarily.