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"Old Skool Cafe gives at-risk kids look at industry"

This sounds like an excellent idea.

It's hard to tell if Old Skool Cafe is a catering company or a culinary academy, a swing dance club or a pop-up restaurant, a coffee roaster or a community garden.

First and foremost, it's an education for the at-risk kids who study and work there.

Old Skool is the brainchild of Teresa Goines, a former juvenile corrections officer. "I saw so many kids with great intentions of turning their lives around, but after getting locked up, they didn't have many options," she recalls. "Good luck finding work with a criminal record."

Goines began Old Skool Cafe in 2005 as a way for inner-city young people ages 15 to 24 to earn money. She had no culinary training, no funding, and she worked out of her own kitchen.