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A therapy pool for the bears

Some of where Cali's money went.

Among the projects the borrowing funded were a bowling alley in Stockton, a bee colony and otter pond in San Mateo, and a dinosaur plaza in Santa Ana, complete with a giant replica Tyrannosaurus rex. About $1.2 million went to buff up a bear exhibit at the Folsom City Zoo Sanctuary near Sacramento. Caves were retrofitted with heated concrete because the cold "gets a little tough on the bones of the animals as they age," said Robert Goss, the city's parks and recreation director.

An 8-foot-by-20-foot therapy pool was also installed so the bears could "swim against the current to force them to exercise an injury or arthritis," Goss said.

It's a world of scarcity, folks: almost everything we do has a cost. If you want to help the bears' arthritis, there will be a price. And the bills are coming due in California.

(Not that I'm at all in favor of animals' suffering. I'd have freed the bears and closed the zoo. What purpose, in the 21st century, do zoos serve?)