"For a fling, guys eye bodies; for commitment, faces, researchers say"
A deadly serious problem, yet again, still, once more

"American cars suck. With me, it's a mantra. I passed it along to my children in lieu of religion."

Following that--and a story about his "last American car . . . a 1985 Ford with brain damage; an irreparably faulty computer would periodically shut all systems down in mid-drive" which was precisely the problem with a '83 Chevy I once owned--Washington Post humorist Gene Weingarten launches a lengthy review of the Chevy Volt.

Weingarten keeps trying, as he candidly admits, to find fatal flaws with it. But he likes it.

However, he doesn't discuss cost too much, including the potential time cost of periodically siphoning the gasoline out of the tank[!]