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#5 Right wingers are the real “multiculturalists”

Toronto prides itself on its “diversity.” As of this year, 52% of the city’s population is non-white, and a strong progressive streak runs through the centers of power in municiple politics, academe, the vast network of non-profits and of course, the media.

During my days as a peacenik, “gender parity” was a priority: we had to have one woman take the bullhorn at rallies for every male speaker, and arranging that was never easy. As for race — well, we were a lily white bunch, let me tell you.

In the 25 years or so that I’ve lived here, the two most multicultural events I’ve ever attended in Toronto were:

    • A recent fundraiser for a “racist” “rightwing” mayoral candidate, at which a disproportionally high number of the 1000+ guests were blacks and Asians
    • A party for Mark Steyn at Lord Black’s mansion, where the guests included Sikhs, Hindus, Jews and a blind Korean woman with a seeing eye dog.