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November 2010

"The Top Five Issues Driving California’s Overspending"

"A state does not come to face a $20.7 billion dollar operating deficit because of honest budgeting miscalculations. No: A shortfall of that magnitude arises only from consistent, structural spending inefficiencies—inefficiencies built up over years, with tacit sanction from a political system unwilling to address them. And such inefficiencies are exactly what we find across the structure of the California state government. Here are California’s five most expensive systemic problems . . ."

"Giving Thanks"

Linked to here before, but well worth linking to again. Simply beautiful. And true. And proof positive that even dopey Liberals can occasionally be brilliant. Happy Thanksgiving, Susan. And to all the Door's readers, too.

My doctor was telling me how, when he sits down with his family this week, they will go around the table and each person will say what they are thankful for. Kids sometimes have trouble thinking of what to say. The older you are, the easier it gets. . . .

My parents are both gone. My brother and sister are far away. It has not been easy for any of us. I have faced defeats far more crushing than the Thanksgiving football game, lost friends I loved dearly, spent too many days sitting in too many hospitals praying in case it helped. I can't imagine ever being as carefree as I was on those Thanksgivings so long ago . . .

But I have learned what it means to be thankful.