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"Why the rich are angry, and why you should worry about it"

Makes some fine points including this one:

For there to be an economic recovery in this country, some people are going to have to create businesses that grow and create jobs. If those businesses grow enough because customers want what they are selling, the entrepreneurs who created them become rich, just like Apple's Steve Jobs or Google's Sergey Brin.

The President or the press can insult those people or try to jack up their taxes and give their money away to other people. But if we want recovery and growth rather than redistribution and recrimination, a better approach would be to stop treating rich people as though they are the cause of America's problems and start concentrating instead on what can be done to create more of them.

Darn right. Reminds me of an old story. Two poor, down-on-their-luck people are talking. One says to the other, "I hate the goddam rich." The other one says, "I don't." The first one asks, "Why not?" And the second one replies, "No poor man ever offered me a job."