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Doctors fail, but a teen's mom finds a correct diagnosis online

I think we're going to be seeing more stories like this.

The teenager’s nine-month-long ordeal began on her birthday at Disney World, with stomach pain and bouts of throwing up. Sometimes she threw up a dozen times in a single day. . . .

Doctors and top specialists in the Los Angeles area were unable to find a cause for the girl’s pain, and one recommended that she see a psychiatrist. A gastroenterologist prescribed such strong laxatives that Hayley had to wear a toddler pullup during the half-hour drive from the family’s home in Arrowhead Lake, Calif., to the doctor.

Seven months after Hayley’s symptoms started, the doctors admitted they didn’t know what was wrong. But Christine Lairmore spent hours online trying to find information that would help her child, although she says she is not computer-savvy.

The Web is one of the most empowering inventions in history. See also "Digital Alarmnists Are Wrong: Google is not making us stupid, PowerPoint is not destroying literature, and the Internet is not really changing our brains".