Too hot? Things could be worse . . .
The way Ann Arbor rolls

If you're in Washington, D.C. before September 6 . . .

. . . you might want to drop by the National Building Museum (401 F. St. N.W.) and see the work of Adam Reed Tucker, Lego builder extraordinaire.

In a sunny gallery on the second floor of the museum, compelling large-scale reproductions of the Empire State Building, the Sears Tower (the Chicago landmark now known as the Willis Tower) and the current highest building in the world, the Burj Khalifa in Dubai, stand next to one another, as if relocated to form an ideal city of overachieving architecture. The Burj Khalifa model, which took 340 hours to build, is 17 1/2 feet high and incorporates 450,300 bricks.

By the way, just so you'll know: "There are approximately 62 Lego bricks per person on Earth . . ."