Another great story exploded
"'Culturally relevant' education is a contradiction"

Wouldn't it be great if Moore's Law applied to everything?

Comparison of some old-school PCs of 25 to 35 years ago with today's. Obvious conclusion:

. . . we’ve established once again that, yes, computers today are mind-blowingly more powerful than they used to be.

More importantly, consumers get vastly more computing power and capacity for their dollar today than they ever have before. The low end of the market gets lower, and the high end…also gets lower. It’s very difficult to to buy a non-diamond encrusted $10,000 PC, much less a $20,000 one, which you could do back in 1980s without breaking a sweat. But it’s easy to buy a steel-encrusted $350 bargain PC that’s just as powerful as a top of the line model a few years ago.

And here's a comparison of hard drives.