Straws in the wind (part one)
"Spring Break 2011: Los Alamos?"

"Parents Choosing More Unusual Baby Names Now"

Research hypothesizes ". . .  it is an indication of our culture becoming more narcissistic."

Great, just what we need now.

  • About 40 percent of boys received one of the 10 most common names in the 1880s, while now fewer than 10 percent do.
  • For girls, the percentage with a top-10 name dropped from 25 percent in about 1945 to 8 percent in 2007.
  • Similar results were seen for the top-50 names. About half of girls received one of the 50 most popular names until the mid-20th century. Now, just one in four have these names. . . .

The results held even when the researchers accounted for immigration rates and increasing Latino populations, which could bring relatively less common names into the mix.