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Two on programming

"Poor, poor child. You have no idea."

The letter I wish I could write to my former self, and have beamed at light-speed through some kind of vacuum tube and delivered at the precise moment when I finally decided to learn to program.

"Twelve Tips to Master Programming Faster".

2. Don’t worry. Do not be intimated by how much you don’t understand. Computers are still largely magic even to me. We all know that computers are fundamentally about 1’s and 0’s, but what the hell does that really mean? It took me a long time to figure it out--it has something to do with voltages and transistors. There are endless topics in computer science and endless terms that you won't understand. But if you stick with it, eventually almost everything will be demystified. So don't waste time or get stressed worrying about what you don't know. It will come, trust me. Remember, every great programmer at one time had NO IDEA what assembly was, or a compiler, or a pointer, or a class, or a closure, or a transistor. Many of them still don’t! That's part of the fun of this subject--you'll always be learning.