I take the application to our growing debt with several grains of salt . . .
Hard to argue with this

U.S. governments should sell some land

Family-to-country analogies don't always work, but in this case the analogy is instructive. Families in deep financial trouble sometimes find it necessary to sell assets. Federal and state governments should sell some assets now, too.

For instance, did you know that the federal and state governments in this country own--as of 2004--almost 40% of the land in the U.S.?? (Link via Bryan Caplan.)

Of course, it's highly unlikely significant sales will occur because there are lot of people who believe things like this:

The Wilderness Act also is the gold standard of legislative craftsmanship. The law gives ordinary citizens across the country the tools to fight bottom-up campaigns to protect treasured places - forests and deserts, mountains and marshes, spare tundra and verdant tropics.