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Twitter is *everywhere*

I realize I'm way behind the cool people, but it's interesting how many times Twitter is turning up just in the sites an old guy like me sees. (Mickey Kaus noted the same thing and asked, "You don't think that a lot of it might be the result of a paid mentioning campaign?")

"The Twitter Platform: 3 Years Old and Ready to Change the World".

"Twitter, the Most Important Website Since Google?"

"6 Reasons Why Twitter is the Future of Search - Google Beware".

My take: if Twitter really does threaten Google, Google'll just buy them. Think of the funny antitrust suit that will ensue: "monopolization of tweets".

One sign of its influence and potential power: there's already a Twitter backlash:

"There's Twitter the company, and twitter the medium".

"Twouble With Twitter".

"Tweet On, Tweet Off".

"Tweeted Out".

There's tremendous interest in Twitter's business model:

"The Obsession With Twitter's Business Model".

"Firms Seek Profit in Twitter's Chatter".

"How Will Twitter Monetize?"

"The Future of Twitter: Social CRM".

But anything with as many users--NBA starscelebrities, business executives (though--surprise!--some of these folks may be using "ghost twitterers"), librarians, and economists--and uses--daytrading, tracking the hottest food truck in Los Angeles and the national debt--will probably do fine.

It is both our past--"But concision has a 'long, proud history'” --and our future--"But it also represents a milestone in human communication."

You may even soon be able to use Twitter from your car.

If you need to come up to speed, "The Ultimate Guide for Everything Twitter" might help.

Last, please remember, like other powerful tools, Twitter can be dangerous. It apparently has broken Jennifer Aniston's heart (yet again).