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More on global warming

Two links to follow up on my post last week on global warming forecasting.

Richard S. Lindzen, Alfred P. Sloan Professor of Meteorology at MIT, has recently written a paper, "Climate Science: Is it currently designed to answer questions?" that is discouraging. I think that truth in all the sciences eventually wins, but, boy, it sometimes takes a looooong time. Selected passages:

The new paradigm for science and its dependence on fear-based support may not constitute corruption per se, but it does serve to make the system particularly vulnerable to corruption. (p. 4)

The response of IPCC officials makes it eminently clear that the IPCC is fundamentally a political body. (p. 9)

Given the above, it would not be surprising if working scientists would make special efforts to support the global warming hypothesis. (p. 10)

The embarrassment may lie in the continuous claims of modelers to have simulated the allegedly incorrect data. (p. 12)

Given that it has been maintained since at least 1988 that all scientists agree about alarming global warming, it is embarrassing to have scientists objecting to the alarm. To 'settle' the matter, a certain Naomi Oreskes published a paper in Science (Oreskes, 2004) purporting to have surveyed the literature and not have found a single paper questioning the alarm (Al Gore offers this study as proof of his own correctness in "Inconvenient Truth."). Both Benny Peiser (a British sociologist) and Dennis Bray (an historian of science) noted obvious methodological errors, but Science refused to publish these rebuttals with no regard for the technical merits of the criticisms presented. [Footnote omitted.] (p. 13)

I should add that simple disagreement with conclusions of the IPCC has become a common basis for rejecting papers for publication in professional journals--as long as disagreement suggests reduced alarm. (p. 16)

(Link via my colleague, Rick Stroup.)

And Melanie Phillips gets medieval on the man-made global warmers' a** in "That Famous Consensus".

As Mark Twain might have put it, there are three kinds of lies -- lies, damned lies and global warming science.