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Obama's veep, again

A New York article looks at Obama's choice of running mate and concludes--as I did, weeks ago--that Hillary is, by far, the logical--as Liberals use logic--choice.

Yet if WJC were to stop behaving like a petulant adolescent and muster up a change of heart — an enormous "if," I'm well aware, but doesn't he he owe HRC that much? — the case for Hillary would be nearly watertight. Unity. Brand equity. A fighter’s mettle. An ass-kicking ability as a debater. What more could you ask for in a veep? It’s a question that, I bet, will be plaguing Obama in the days and weeks to come.

The article also discusses "three potential picks, all names that have been both highly touted by the Great Mentioner and are, I’m told, getting a serious look in Chicago". Two of these names are Joe Biden and Chuck Hagel.

Republicans can only hope.