"Little more than a cameo"
"This is what American dream provides you: a way of getting rich by suing others"

Hopeful news about cancer (there's always hopeful news about cancer)

L.A. Times: "Cancer drug dramatically shrinks prostate tumors . . ."

The survival rate more than doubles among most of the men with aggressive cancers. A second, wider test shows similar results. 'Spectacularly effective,' a researcher says.

Jane Brody, New York Times: "Cancer as a Disease, Not a Death Sentence".

BBC News: "Anti-Cancer Gene Shield Discovery".

The Boston Globe, on brain cancer: "First, Do Not Give Up".

And then there are the folks at Wake Forest's Baptist Medical Center who are now trying on people a method that had a 100% success rate on mice. (But lots of things that worked in mice didn't work in people. Still, it certainly seems worth trying.)