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Universal Music goes crazy

"This saga is why Big 5 Music Label executives are among the most hated businessmen in America.  Last June, Universal Music Group sued to have a video clip of a 13-month old toddler dancing to Prince’s “Let’s Go Crazy” removed from YouTube. Universal argued that the author – the child’s mother, Stephanie Lenz – violated the copyright of the song, which plays in the background of the video.

"At first YouTube complied, but Lenz argued back, saying that the song was an obvious case of fair use. YouTube agreed and re-posted the song. This is when the story gets fun."

Universal should heed a gentleman quoted by the New York Times: "You subjugate these rebels [pirates] with the tools of free enterprise. Piracy is just another business model, and the pirates will lose and go away when you come up with a better model."