30 years

"Revenge of the Nerds"

Gene Weingarten's take on the infamous Atlantic article about the dating troubles of "attractive, interesting, accomplished single women in their 30s".

Also see Mr. Weingarten's letter to Bronx High School of Science about why he won't be attending his 40th reunion.

REASON 1: The ordinal number "40th." Other than a reunion of, say, the delivery room staff from one's birth, a 40th reunion of anything can only deliver an unwelcome awareness of one's decrepitude and the impendency of death. Even the word "fortieth" is awful. Look at it and try not to think of dentures.

REASON 2: If my goal was to feel like a complete failure, it would be cheaper and easier to go to a bad neighborhood, consume a half-gallon of fortified wine from a bottle in a bag and pass out in the gutter. When I went there, Bronx Science was the most intellectually exclusive, snobbiest public high school in the country. Actual true fact: If it were a country, Bronx Science would rank 23rd in the world in the number of Nobel laureates it has produced, tied with Spain. I have not kept track of the achievements of my particular class, but I have no doubt that you have among you brain surgeons, rocket scientists, stars of stage and screen, fi nanciers, tycoons, moguls, magnates and the king of Sweden.

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