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Request for book suggestions

An economics professor and long-time reader of the Door is requesting book suggestions. Post 'em in the comments, or e-mail me. Here's his request:

For my class blog this spring I want to feature "good news" book reviews. The general idea is to review books that dispel pessimism with regard to the economy and economic growth. I will probably do one of these per week for the students.

Here is what I have so far:

1. Myths of Rich and Poor, by Cox and Alm

2. The Progress Paradox, by Easterbrook

3. It’s Getting Better all the Time, By Moore and Simon

4. The Improving State of the World, by Goklany

5. The Escape from Hunger and Premature Death, by Fogel

6. The Skeptical Environmentalist by Lomborg

7. The State of Humanity, by Simon