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November 2007

Several people, including my wife, have reported that Gmail does a wonderful job in screening out spam. I even read somewhere of a person who forwards all his e-mail to a Gmail address and then forwards it again to the e-mail package he wants to use, just because Gmail is so effective at stopping spam.

Here's a graph and short article that claims Gmail is letting less than 1% of spam through.

The holiday shopping season is soon upon us. Two ideas you may not have seen elsewhere:

Seinfeld - The Complete Series (all 9 seasons and then some). $206.

Time Tunnel: all 30 episodes for only $1.99 each or $20 for the DVD. I watched Time Tunnel with my mom as a ten-year-old. Except toward the very end, when they apparently ran out of ideas, they were just great. You got a reasonable dose of history, some good acting (as well as some great camp), and Lee Meriweather in her prime. What more would any red-blooded 10-year-old boy need?