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June 2007

Anyone notice how much better things have become since the Democrats again assumed charge of Congress? George Will has a few words for the ever-popular (not!) Harry Reid.

Speaking of our Liberal friends, Harry Stein notes Charles Pickering's new book A Price Too High and asserts that what that distinguished gentleman experienced at the hands of Liberals has no precedent.

More dramatically than any confirmation battle in memory, the Pickering case demonstrates that liberals will seemingly say anything—and tarnish even the most sterling character—to keep control of the nation’s courts.

Of course, cynics see this as merely part of the game. Politics, they’ll say, ain’t beanbag, and weren’t many Clinton nominees to the federal bench similarly done in by Republicans? No, not really—never with the same degree of ruthlessness.

Paul Isely and Harinder Singh, "Do Higher Grades Lead to Favorable Student Evaluations?" Journal of Economic Education, Winter 2005.

The relationship between expected grades and student evaluations of teaching (SET) has been controversial. The authors take another look at the controversy by employing class-specific observations and controlling for time-invariant instructor and course differences with a fixed-effects model. The authors' empirical results indicate that if an instructor of a particular course has some classes in which students expect higher grades, a more favorable average SET is obtained in these classes. Moreover, they find that it is the gap between expected grade and cumulative grade point average of incoming students that is the relevant explanatory variable, not expected grade as employed in the previous literature.