Four on medicine and health.

It's too bad that Linus Pauling was a bit of a kook. He apparently made research into the benefits of vitamin C radioactive. Here's an article discussing whether massive intravenous infusions of C could be an effective--and very cheap--therapy for cancer.

If you have heart surgery, you might want to make sure you are transfused with fresh blood.

Discouraging finding:

There’s no argument that eating well, exercising wisely, and avoiding high risk behaviors can increase one’s chances for a longer, healthier old age. But it’s also obvious that in many ways the aging process is out of our control; that despite our best efforts (in concert with a genetic make-up that makes us more or less susceptible to certain diseases) our cells and tissues ultimately degenerate and eventually die. While scientists have long suspected that events outside our control can result in aging, a study led by Buck Institute faculty member Jan Vijg, PhD, provides the first direct evidence that the molecular machinery of our cells providing function to our tissues and organs spins irreversibly out of control as we age. The study appears in the June 22 edition of Nature

On the other hand, if your mom was 25 or younger when you were born, you might have a better chance to live to 100.