At my advanced age it comes as no surprise that power has its privileges. But it is a little surprising to see that at a place like UC Santa Cruz. UC Santa Cruz is the kind of place that has "principles of community", principles that state every campus member will be diverse, open, purposeful, caring, just, disciplined, and celebrative. UC Santa Cruz is the kind of place where students--students--demanded that the mascot for the school athletic teams be the Banana Slug.

UC Santa Cruz is also a place where tuition rose 29% in the last year, but the regents are willing to pay a lot for a new chancellor. As the Captain puts it, when you spend $89,000 to repave the driveway of the chancellor's house, "That must be one hell of a driveway . . ." (Formatted poorly; scroll down about 1/3 of a page.)

(Link via Instapundit.)