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March 2005

Virginia Postrel:

If you want teachers to be judged on subjective qualities like their ability to inspire students, you have to let schools hire, fire, promote, and demote their teachers accordingly. That means paying not by objective criteria like degrees and seniority but by a boss's professional evaluation. It means allowing into the classroom great teachers who have subject knowledge but not a lot of idiotic education courses on their transcripts.

Ruth Wisse, Harvard professor of Yiddish and comparative literature, has whiny Margaret Carlson's number:

Egalitarian feminism’s legacy to women like Margaret Carlson is a perpetual discontent. The more they are granted, the more they think they are missing. The more power they attain, the less powerful they feel. The more they achieve, the less they are gratified. The more they are blessed, the more loudly they curse their fate. So I watch with dismay today’s brand of socialization, the one pushed by females fostering the cult of grievance and males turned into pretzels by free-floating guilt.