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December 2004

Amy Stuart Wells, professor at Columbia Univ., disses charter schools and my older daughter replies (and her defense is noted by Joanne Jacobs and Eduwonk).

I can't resist adding one comment to Katie's admirable defense. Professor Wells writes,

"In this decade of growing free-market disillusionment, policymakers should amend state laws to better support the high-achieving charter schools and close the rest."

Speaking for myself and perhaps on behalf of many charter-school supporters, I wholeheartedly endorse this proposal, with one qualification: policymakers can do that when they do exactly the same thing for regular public schools.

Michael Barone astutely notes that today's Liberals are actually sort of . . . reactionary:

Once upon a time, liberals were the folks who wanted to change society. They thought existing institutions were unjust and that individuals needed protection against the workings of the market. They looked forward to a society that would be different. . . .

Looking back on election year 2004, I am struck by how many of the constituencies supporting Democratic candidates oppose, rather than seek, change -- how they are motivated not by ideas about how to change the future, but by something like nostalgia for the past.