Duke can compete with the Ivy League . . . but so can NC State!

My wife brought to my attention the fine blog of David M. Mr. M. tabulates donations to the Bush/Cheney and Kerry/Edwards campaigns from individuals employed at Ivy League schools. He found 792 donations during the 2004 cycle and reports that 725--91.5%--were to Kerry/Edwards. (High, Dartmouth: 97%; low, Princeton: 84%.)

The data Mr. M used are publicly available.

So, I tried to perform the same analysis for Duke and NC State. I found for Duke, including employees of the hospital, 90 contributors, 84 of which gave to Kerry/Edwards or Edwards. That's 93.3% and worthy of the Ivy League. (The Durham Herald-Sun reported similar results.)

NC State is a bit more problematic; I checked "North Carolina State," "NCSU," and "NC State". That would seem to cover the most likely listings, but it's an open question whether I missed some folks. But under those three names I found 20 contributors and all 20 were to Kerry/Edwards.

That's 100%.

Take that, Ivy League.