I suppose I should read the whole book before I make this comment, but, hey, this is a blog and you get what you pay for.

In a passage from his new book, Tom Wolfe writes, "Beverly's web of extension cords plugged into knuckle sockets in midair, her rat's nest of a percale-sloshed unmade bed, her littered CD cases, uncapped skin-care tubes, and spilled contact lenses, her techie alphabet toys, the PC, the TV, the CD, DVD, DSL, VCR, IM, MP-4, all of them currently dormant in the absence of their owner, each asleep rattlesnake-like with a single tiny diode-green eye open . . ."

Uh, Mr. Wolfe, sir? DSL, IM, and MP-4 are not things that could be "dormant" nor could they have "diode-green eye[s]". You need to get better research on What the Kids Are Up To These Days.