Some fine political commentary:

Thomas Sowell lambasts the practitioners of irresponsible politics.

George Will notes "It has come to this: The crux of the political left's complaint about Americans is that they are insufficiently materialistic."

Charles Krauthammer hammers the "Let's pretend it's Sept. 10" crowd: "What is so dismaying is that such an obvious truth needs repeating. The passage of time, the propaganda of the anti-American left and the setbacks in Iraq have changed nothing of that truth. This is the first time in history that the knowledge of how to make society-destroying weapons has been democratized. Today small radical groups allied with small radical states can do the kind of damage to the world that in the past only a great, strategically located and industrialized power such as Germany or Japan could do."

James Lileks gets medieval on Michael Moore's ass.

And Ann Coulter, with her usual . . . flair, eviserates John Edwards.