Mike S. Adams, UNC-W professor, finds a small flaw in the thinking of one of his opponents:

. . . a colleague of mine was so incensed by my accusations that she recently constructed a survey to “disprove” my accusations of political bias in hiring. A quick look at the following question from the survey shows just how nervous and desperate the university Left is becoming in light of mounting evidence of their uninhibited bigotry:

Do you feel that your political beliefs have negatively influenced your career during any of the following decision making processes while at UNCW?”

The first category is “hiring.”

Please note that the survey was given only to faculty at UNCW. In other words, it was given to people who had been hired by UNCW. That means that this brilliant scholar is asking people who were hired by UNCW whether they were ever not hired by UNCW because of their political beliefs. Perhaps this intellectual giant will now construct a crime victimization survey asking people what it “feels like” to be murdered. But, wait, if you were murdered, you can’t fill out the survey, can you Professor Einstein?

Professor Adams quickly dispatches another of his clueless critics in "English for lesbians, feminists, queers, and communists."

That column draws outraged objections; Professor Adams returns fire in "Liberals miss entire point, details at eleven."

He sure is fun.