The president of Leslie University predicts that the No Child Left Behind Act will foster school violence, horrific school violence:

Across the country, schools are reporting that the pressures of No Child Left Behind-required testing regimes are crowding out teacher time and forcing cutbacks in such "frills" as art, music, physical education and recess. In their place: more test prep and drills and increasing levels of regimentation, student alienation and teacher stress. . . .

Performing well on math and literacy tests is not the only predictor of how one will perform as a member of society. The likelihood that a large proportion of the nation's schools will be labeled "underperforming" by the No Child Left Behind's narrow measures will raise the stakes even more. Teachers will be pressured to concentrate still more of their efforts on drills and tests rather than on developing broadly educated students who will become responsible and engaged citizens.

The danger is not just that the lessons of Columbine are being lost because of No Child Left Behind but that they may have to be taught to us again - at painful cost.

For sure, if poor Dylan and Eric had just had some more music, art, and recess, they wouldn't have killed all those people.

The Liberal mind is endlessly astonishing. (Link via Joanne Jacobs.)