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August 2003

William Ouchi, distinguished professor at my alma mater, UCLA, has figured out how to improve K-12 education. He concludes: ". . . the schools that consistently performed best also had the most decentralized management systems, in which autonomous principals -- not administrators in a central office -- controlled school budgets and personnel hiring policies. They were fully responsible and fully accountable for the performance of their schools. With greater freedom and flexibility to shape their educational programs, hire specialists as needed, and generally determine the direction of their school, the best principals will act as entrepreneurs . . ."

What a surprise.

You can't make up stuff like this. St. Cloud State University is awarding money to the one of its colleges that sends the most faculty to non-mandatory diversity training sessions. According to SCSU Scholars, the early odds favor the College of Education to claim the award. The College of Social Sciences would be co-favorite except the "economics department is here." (!) (Link via Cold Spring Shops.)