L. T. Smash is a reserve officer in the U.S. military who has been recalled to active duty and is now serving in the Middle East. For the record he states:

"I didn't come here looking for a thrill.

"I'm here because there is a hole in the ground in New York, where a couple of the world's tallest buildings used to be.

"I'm here because I knew some of those people in the Pentagon.

"I'm here because my seven-year-old nephew has nightmares about terrorists.

"I'm here because whether Saddam is responsible or not for those terrorist attacks, he has the will and is developing the means to do much, much worse.

"I'm here because if History teaches us anything, it is that evil men cannot be deterred by sanctions, containment strategies, diplomacy, resolutions, or weapons inspections.

"I'm here because I don't believe in appeasement.

"I'm here because someone has to be.

"I'm here because I was called.

"I'm here because I have a job to do."