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February 2003

Anybody studying management today needs to study Wal-Mart. How big is Wal-Mart? It is the U.S.'s "biggest seller of groceries, toys, guns, diamonds, CDs, apparel, dog food, detergent, jewelry, sporting goods, videogames, socks, bedding, and toothpaste--not to mention its biggest film developer, optician, private truck-fleet operator, energy consumer, and real estate developer."

The IRS's data warehouse has 40 terabytes of data. Wal-Mart's has 500.

Lawrence Henry has got the antiwar movement's number: "That's what they're really afraid of. Not of 'destabilizing the region,' not of 'millions of casualties,' not of 'blood for oil.' They're afraid we'll win."

Jay Nordlinger has the Liberals' number: "Liberals want certain things to be true, and even if they aren't true, they ought to be true, because, in a way, they're truer than true. They represent some higher truth. So much of liberal thought and liberal commentary is a morality play. Joseph McCarthy is always knocking on the doors of the innocent, and blacks are always one step away from Bull Connor's fire hoses. . . . No, there were no racist burnings of black churches, but it ought to have been true. No, there were no such burnings when Clinton was a child, but there should have been, and he's entitled to his 'memories.' No, Prof. al-Arian wasn't the victim of a Security State and a Jewish lynch mob, but he should have been--it makes so many people feel so much better."

Larry Miller has France's number: "I'll only say that you can never trust people who use those goofy things next to the toilets in fancy hotels."