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Hey, kids, want to liven

Hey, kids, want to liven up your next college party? Here's some performers you could hire and their asking fees: Shania Twain, $300K; Destiny's Child, $250K; Adam Sandler, $100+K; Chris Rock, $100K; Cake, $50K; Dennis Miller, $50K; Fat Boy Slim, $35K. Too pricey? Don't despair, there are some real bargains: Amazing Jonathan, $15K; Buckwheat Zydeco, $7.5K; Carol Leifer, $5K; Darrell Hammond, $10K; Del Amitri, $5K; Gilbert Gottfried, $10K; Joan Osborne, $12K; Mighty, Mighty Bosstones, $25K; and Larry Miller, $7.5K. (Cheap! Larry is good.)