"Capital gains nonsense"

Economist Scott Sumner:

A wage tax essentially taxes current and future consumption at the same rate.  A capital gains tax taxes future consumption at a higher rate than current consumption.  What “principle” suggests that patient people should be taxed at higher rates than impatient people—even if they have the same lifetime wealth?

"Israel’s deceptive ‘surprise attack’ an ‘absolute body blow’ to Hamas"

Retired British Army colonel Richard Kemp says in his entire military career he's never known a military--not the U.S.'s, not the U.K.'s, not anybody's--that tries more diligently to avoid civilian casualties than does the Israel Defense Forces. (8.5 minute video.)

Related: "How the IDF invented 'Roof Knocking', the tactic that saves lives in Gaza".

"The excellent Tim Sackett on the labor shortage"

One HR worker's statement:

. . . but CHROs at every size company, every industry, in all markets are begging for workers right now, and every one of them I speak to complain that they have workers telling them they won’t come back until they have to because they can make as much, or more, or even slightly less, but don’t have to work because of these additional benefits.

See also "From the comments, on restaurant labor and UI".

Finally, keep in mind that most restaurant workers are not going to learn to code. I’ve have had recovering drug addicts, felons, and people with other social and mental disorders work for us. 

"The Grim Secret of Nordic Happiness"

An explanation of Finland's "happiness". It's consistent with the distrust I have for many polls that just report on what people say.

As an aside: I've also been suspicious of Finland's reported happiness because of its rank on the world suicide list. Here it's ranked 12th: if folks are generally so happy, why are so many Finns killing themselves? (But here Finland is 51st and I don't want to spend the time to try to reconcile the difference. I've seen reports from earlier times that suggested Finland ranked pretty high.)

"Dr. Now, Conservative Hero"

"If truth-telling and spade-calling that defy political correctness and that refuse to make concessions to victimhood are the stuff of modern conservative virtues, then Dr. Now — the author of The Scale Does Not Lie, People Do — is very much a conservative hero. He may seem like a glutton for punishment, but he is a man for these troubled times."

"The Bee Apocalypse Was Never Real; Here's Why"

"The narrative that honeybees, which are actually not even native to North America, Europe or Australia, face mortal danger and will take us down with them has been advanced by environmental groups for years and echoed in media, casual blogs and mainstream science sites. This twist on the news is so pervasive that it’s often accepted without question: bee populations are rapidly declining as a result of pesticide use, particularly the use of neonics, and the crucial pollinators could be edging towards extinction, plunging our entire food system into chaos. . . . 

"The only problem is that it isn’t true."