"BuzzFeed and me – The incredible thing the site's CEO did using my name without permission"

Just in case you're ever tempted for even one second to believe any story originated by Buzzfeed (for examples, the Trump dossier and last week's kerfluffle over Trump's alleged subordination of perjury), read this amazing story.

People are again asking how BuzzFeed could possibly publish such “fake” news against Trump. They need look no further than BuzzFeed’s CEO and founder Jonah Peretti.

"Baseball Doesn't Need Collusion To Turn Off The Hot Stove"

Microeconomics wins again.

So while outright collusion among owners is certainly possible, it isn’t necessary to explain what’s going on. It’s far more likely that what we’re seeing in recent winters is simply the hard cold math resulting from a mismatch between how much money each team is raking in overall and how much of that revenue each individual player can lay claim to being responsible for.

“A lot of us in academia wrote about that and actually told the players’ association that that was going to be the effect,” says Stanford sports economist Roger Noll. “And they didn’t really believe us, because they thought that salaries were driven simply by total income, not by the increment to income driven by a player.”

(Link via Marginal Revolution.)

"The Real Problems with Artificial Intelligence"

Sabine Hossenfelder:

So we have AI fragility plus the trend of increasingly complex hard- and software to become unique. Now extrapolate this some decades into the future. We will have a few large companies, governments, and maybe some billionaires who will be able to afford their own AI. Those AIs will be delicate and need constant attention by a crew of dedicated humans.