"The Summer Jam: The forgotten festival that was actually bigger than Woodstock"

"Forgotten," sure: I was  a rising high school senior then but until a few weeks ago I had never heard of it. Supposedly 600,000 folks attended. Just the Allman Brothers, The Band,  and the Grateful Dead.

Here is a soundboard of the Dead's set (3+ hours). Here's The Band's set (nearly 4 hours).

See also "Bigger Than Woodstock: Remembering Summer Jam At Watkins Glen" and "Summer Jam at Watkins Glen".

"SF Chronicle tries to blame Walgreens for Chesa Boudin's failures"

"But after noting how badly things are going, they reverse course and advise people to stop blaming the liberal policies of Boudin and the city government in general for the large number of drug overdose deaths. Instead, they’re blaming Walgreens. Yes, you read that correctly. The chain of pharmacies (which are robbed so often in the San Francisco area that several of them have closed down and moved away) is to blame for all of the drug addicts overdosing in the streets. You really can’t make this stuff up."

"Possible Problems in the Google Case"

Two former high-ranking employees of the Antitrust Division conclude as follows:

According to the complaint, Google increases the quality of it services by enlarging its user base and the best way to do that is through the sort of arrangement the government challenges. No one should expect the legal guidance from this case to be either clear or clearly in the consumer’s interest.