"The Wednesday Review of Modern Thought"

James Lileks has some sharp words for the Internet-is-so-awful crowd.

The Cultural Norms go back to the first point: it’s not the medium, it’s the people on it. The number and volume of bad people on Twitter + the freedom to be a jerk + the necessity of having a take + the rush of self-regard that comes from being a proper-thinking modern internet person creates a culture in which decorum is for cucks.

"Will MySpace ever lose its monopoly?"

Guardian article dated 2/2/07. Love these bits:

But on present showing that won't stop its continuing expansion which, as the MySpace generation goes into employment, could eventually extend Murdoch's influence in ways that would make his grip on satellite television seem parochial. . . .

John Barrett of TechNewsWorld claims that MySpace is well on the way to becoming what economists call a "natural monopoly".

Oops. Double oops. Triple oops if you count that Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram are not mentioned.

I really should start a Bad Prediction Hall of Fame.

Link via Kottke.

"Nathan Myhrvold, Myth Buster"

Ladies and gentlemen, a man of whom Bill Gates said, "I know no one smarter than Nathan," Nathan Myhrvold:

. . . an anecdote about driving with his brother, as a teenager, and passing a “Jesus Saves” billboard in a California town. “It had this wonderful message: ‘One good wife is better than a thousand sexually voracious whores’ . . . My brother says, ‘Nathan, wait, we’re scientists, we’ve got to put this to the test. But we need a control group. Nathan, you get married!’ ”