"Scientists weigh in against the NFL’s war on physics and Tom Brady"

A brief summary--with a link to the whole thing--of the amici curiae brief filed by 21 university faculty in support of Tom Brady's appeal. The group includes eight endowed chairholders (5 from MIT, 1 from Penn, 1 from U. of Minnesota, and 1 from Boston College).

I don't expect the NFL will be deeply embarrassed. But they darn well should be. One choice bit:

Amici have obtained data on the field temperatures for over 10,000 outdoor NFL games dating back to 1960. If one assumes a 70 degree locker room and 13.0 psig balls and then applies the reported game temperatures, approximately 61% of the games would have featured footballs that descended below the permitted range.

"Leicester City: Dirty Dozen or Harvard Case Study?"

Entertaining article about one Leicester City fan's failure--for the first time in 20 years-to bet on his team to win the EPL this year. The odds were 5000 to 1, the same odds as Bono "being the next pope".

But "Hack Check: The Best of the Worst in Mainstream Media" thinks maybe the author is making his story up. (The piece is long but very worth reading on its onw.)