"Why the NFL Needs the New England Patriots"

Two points especially worth noting:

Tom Brady and Bill Belichick erased their fourth double-digit fourth quarter deficit in the playoffs Sunday, and no one thinks it’s particularly special. This is not normal: No other quarterback has done this more than once, and no other franchise has done it more than twice. . . .

In a phenomenal Twitter thread, football analytics guru Warren Sharp pointed out the near-unbelievable predictability of the Jaguars offense in the fourth quarter: Every first-down snap was a run from shotgun, and every second down was a downfield pass. Jacksonville had six snaps in the fourth quarter with a running clock and the lead, but at no point did it drain the play clock to five seconds. (Remind you of anything, Falcons fans?) This is Patriots football: Let the other teams make mistakes, and know how to make plays at the end of the game.