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June 02, 2015

"Lionel Messi's Copa Del Rey Wondergoal, As Called Around The World"

I enjoyed this video clip (about 6.5 minutes) for two reasons:

1. I heard 16 different announcers just about lose their minds.

2. I saw Messi's goal 16 times. He makes it look so easy.

May 29, 2015

"What Just-Completed NFL Draft Tells Us About 2015 College Football Season"

Supposedly, we've seen peak SEC.

"People are calling an insane rally at the Table Tennis World Championships the 'point of the century'"

Pretty cool.

Related: "Ping Pong Is Dead, Long Live Ping Pong".

May 27, 2015

"Why America fell out of love with golf"

Rosie O'Donnell had a clue: "Golf is not a sport. Golf is men in ugly pants, walking."

And there's Winston Churchill: "Golf is a game whose aim is to hit a very small ball into an even smaller hole, with weapons singularly ill-designed for the purpose."

May 13, 2015

Four pieces on "Deflategate"

The case for punishment by Ruth Marcus of the Washington Post, representative of the selectively censorious Left: "Unsportsmanlike Conduct".

The case for what-the-hell-is-all-the-fuss-about by a fine sportwriter whose other work I really like and whose take here I much prefer, Joe Posnanski: "Wake Me When It's Over".

An interesting argument by Mike Florio on a seemingly important detail: "Wells report disregards Anderson’s 'best recollection' on a key piece of evidence". Related: "10 Reasons Why an Appeal Overturns Tom Brady's Suspension". 

May 12, 2015

At the risk of jinxing Barca later today . . .

. . . let's look, again, at Messi's spectacular performance last week: "Player of the day: Lionel Messi". (The great Martin Tyler: "Only football can make you feel this way.")

More: "Lionel Messi sets a new standard in Barcelona's memorable win vs. Bayern".

Still more: "The Superhero".

Finally, "15 Things All Barcelona Fans Know To Be True".

May 10, 2015

"One last Q&A with Gregg Popovich"

Unlike so many people, I'm not desperate for people to admire. But if I were, Gregg Popovich would be in contention.

April 30, 2015

"Winston first, Williams second, and then the draft is wide open"

We'll see.

April 28, 2015

"Duke still gets F for Mike Pressler’s firing"

It was slow, and very painfully, coming, but at least in this case, justice has prevailed.

April 26, 2015

"Soon-to-be-70 Walt Frazier still a shining star with New York fans"

Clyde is still the coolest.

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