"Brady-Quinn Again: Super or Bust?"

The Atlanta coach and Brady have met before:

Butler's play, by any measure, is the greatest defensive play in history. You want to know how great it was, and is? It still obscures the greatest quarter of Tom Brady's career, against a Seahawks defense that was still supposed to be as bad as there was on the planet at the time.

Dan Quinn's defense.

He was the Seahawks defensive coordinator that night in Arizona. The guy who took all the heat afterward, and is still taking it all this time later, just because the call for the pass to Lockette changed Seattle football history and all of football history, is the Seahawks offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell. But when the money was on the table that night two years ago, it was Brady who torched Quinn's defense, Brady who completed 13 of his last 15 passes for 124 yards and two touchdowns and brought the Patriots from 10 points down. 


With the big, big game coming this Sunday--dare I say huuuuuge?--here are a baker's dozen pieces on the Patriots I found interesting.

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