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March 26, 2015

The inimitable Lewis Black . . .

. . . slams the NCAA. With a shot at UNC-Chapel Hill, too. 

"Drones and satellites spot lost civilizations in unlikely places"

"What do the Sahara desert and the Amazon rainforest have in common?"

March 25, 2015

"I’ve said it a hundred times: To be a fan of big-time college sports is to be in love with a hooker."

That's the Boston Globe's inimitable Bob Ryan.

I’ve been following it for 50 years. I know what goes on. I can’t change it.

Problem is, I love the games and the competition, and it’s pretty clear I’m not alone. We’re Americans; it’s what we do.

March 22, 2015

"The swagger Of UConn"

I'm certainly rooting for Geno and his team. They play beautiful basketball.

March 21, 2015


Gary Lineker: "Messi is indisputably the greatest player ever to don a pair of football boots. Don't even attempt to argue the point."

Graham Hunter: "When football is played with this verve, technique and creative intensity, it's just a joy."

"Top 10 Buzzer-Beaters in NCAA Tournament"

This is a tough list to crack. Danny Ainge against Notre Dame doesn't make the list and Bryce Drew is only fifth.

March 15, 2015

"Spurs coach Gregg Popovich explains how he gets players to buy into his system"

Though they have more than their share of haters, Belichick and Coach Pop are the best.

March 07, 2015

"40 Biggest NBA Draft Busts: Where Are They Now?"

Adam Morrison, Sam Bowie, Darko Milicic, Kwame Brown, Chris Washburn, and others.

February 12, 2015

The "Super Bowl Was The Most Watched TV Show In US History–But It Doesn't Come Close To The Worldwide Record"

Guess what the two most watched--worldwide--events were. Go ahead, guess.

February 07, 2015

"The Rockets Have Taken Their Radical Offense To New Extremes — And It Could Change The NBA Forever"

The consensus now is that medium-range jumpers are losers.

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