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September 14, 2014

"What I Learned About The NFL By Watching The Seahawks-Packers Game In 35 Minutes"

"1. On NFL broadcasts, nothing is happening most of the time."

Yep. Between NFL Redzone and the DVR I'm finding it difficult now to watch NFL games in real time.

September 13, 2014

"This Girl Took On An Army Cadet In A Push-Up Challenge And Won"

Woman's got skillz.

September 07, 2014

"John Calipari on whether Kentucky will use platoons this season: ‘I think so’"

Let's all feel sorry for Coach Cal. Coach has a big, big problem: "Kentucky’s second five is probably better than the starting lineups of most teams outside the top 20."

September 06, 2014

"Vin Scully's Greatest Calls of All Time"

At what he does, Mr. Scully is simply the best.

September 05, 2014

"Year of the Repeat will end with Alabama, Auburn and Armageddon in Arlington"

We'll see. I saw most of the Alabama-West Virginia game and aside from rather big problems in the defensive secondary, Alabama looked good. I saw the Auburn highlights, and they looked pretty good. 

But Texas A&M--also aside from lapses by their defensive secondary--looked really darn good, too.

August 31, 2014

"Top 10 Reasons to Watch Soccer Instead of Football"

Good list. I'd add two more: soccer is much better to exercise to and Leo.

August 30, 2014

"25 Maps That Explain College Football"

College football is here again! (Did you see Texas A&M kick the Head Ball Coach's butt?) Here's a piece that "explain[s]" college football.

I found most interesting the alleged facts that players tend to come from "big cities in hot places" but coaches come from the Midwest. 

August 18, 2014

Some fine observations

Gregg Easterbrook, "Oh, snap! Football's getting crazy fast":

House Majority Leader Eric Cantor spent $5.4 million on a primary run and won 28,898 votes -- $187 per vote. Challenger David Brat spent $122,000 and drew 36,110 votes -- $3 per vote. Can you guess which one is the economics professor and which one is the Washington insider with no sense of money discipline?

New York Magazine notes Clinton was paid $600,000 by NBC for doing "basically nothing," receiving the windfall partly for "interviewing" the Geico lizard. If NBC, owned by Comcast, handed $600,000 to Hillary Clinton, this would cause huge complications for the network, should she run for office again. Handing $600,000 to Chelsea presumably buys Clinton family goodwill, without running afoul of campaign law.

Only 17 of the football and men's basketball programs of the NCAA's 1,281 member institutions failed to meet the APR's rolling-off-a-log-easy targets in the most recent year. That's 1.3 percent. How can a metric have meaning if 98.7 percent are above average?

Last summer around this time, TMQ noted that when NBA general managers don't have anything else to do, they trade Caron Butler. Since that item, Butler has been traded from the Clippers to the Suns; then traded to the Bucks; then bought out and signed with the Thunder; then released by Oklahoma City, allowing Butler to sign with the Pistons. Five jerseys in a year. How long until Detroit is working the phones trying to find a trade partner to take him?

To commemorate the reboot of the "Robocop" franchise, which depicts Detroit as hell on Earth, an actor dressed as the title character threw the first pitch at a Tigers game. Adding insult to injury, the big-budget flick depicting Detroit as hell on Earth was filmed in Canada -- Hollywood producers wanted to steer clear of actual Detroit.

August 17, 2014

"The Seattle Seahawks’ Youth Could Portend a Dynasty (Yes, Really)"

Easy to write, more difficult to do.

August 09, 2014

"Why Top NBA Draft Picks So Often Disappoint"

"Managers seem to think that youth, points scored, and Final Four experience predict college players' pro performance. History tells a different story."

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