"Google Scholar citations from clueless people"

Something I noticed, too.

I was looking recently on Google Scholar at who cited me, and a recent citation I got was from a phd thesis from some for-profit school (probably online), in some clown-ass field like "organizational social international management." The person clearly has no idea what they are citing. Not like they just don't understand the paper, they clearly just picked my paper to put in as a citation so it looked like they actually did research.

"Glaciers and sex"

"On the academy’s latest folly.

There's no way I'm going to summarize this. If you have a few minutes, you just have to read it.

But--credit where credit is due--Professor Carey says a very smart thing about climate change models:

Carey is hardly skeptical about climate change or its catastrophic impacts: In the book, he documents (among other things) how melting glaciers have contributed to more than 20,000 deaths in Peru. But Carey also cites Peru as a fitting example of what gets missed by economic climate models. Despite the retreating glaciers and declining water flows, the country’s Andean communities are actually using more water these days, not less, thanks in large part to human adaptation and social investment. With economic climate models now predicting costly water shortages in the future, Carey says that history provides grounds for reasoned skepticism.