"Climate-Change Foes Winning Public Opinion War"

Until there is much better evidence of harmful man-made global warming, I certainly hope so.

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And four excellent reasons why the public are probably, this time at least, right: "Why Climate Change Won’t Matter in 20 Years," "Site, Cite, and Oversight," "Climate Panic: Where Do Humans Live?," and "Complete turn around – Now NASA says burning fossil fuels ‘COOLS planet’". From the last:

If it gets warmer, it’s our fault. If it gets colder, it’s our fault.

Either way, they’ll need more funding.


"The (Lack of) Intelligence of Pseudo-Intellectuals"

"When I first heard the purported link between terrorism and climate change, I assumed it was a joke. But now I see it is being treated as social-scientific fact. How did people, many of them regarded as leaders and intellectuals become so stupid?"

Well, when reality doesn't conform to your ideology one solution is to get a new reality.

Link via Instapundit.