"The Strange World of “Reward Deficiency Syndrome” (Part 1)"

This has got to be a new low in "academic publishing". Indexed, for at least a little while, in PubMed, too.

In summary, this is the most extreme example of academic editorial self-publication I’ve ever seen. JRDS appears to be edited by, published by, and largely written by one man. . . .

How can JRDS ensure a proper peer review of papers when the author is also the editor and the publisher?

"The Climate Wars’ Damage to Science"

I hope Matt Ridley's life insurance is paid up because this piece will probably make some of the always-right-thinking, consensus-enshrining people very angry.

(But, if he's lucky, maybe they'll completely ignore it, as they sometimes do with careful, modest, well-reasoned arguments against their position.)

I'd agree with the commenter who wrote, "Matt, this must be the best summation of the sceptical position that I have ever read. Well done."

Link via Instapundit.