"Science Doesn’t Work the Way You Might Think: Not even for Einstein"

I had forgotten--or I never knew--even before the eclipse test of the anomaly in Mercury's orbit, Big Al knew he was right.

With that, Einstein knew. He told one friend that on seeing Mercury drop out of his equations that he felt his heart stumble, and another that he was “beside himself with joy.” There was no need to wait for the eclipse—which is why he once said that if the British expedition had come back with the “wrong” numbers “I would feel sorry for the dear Lord. The theory is correct.”

"These studies hold extraordinary promise, but they are virtually impossible to achieve under the government’s current regulations."

Vincent DeVita, former director of the National Cancer Institute and the Amy and Joseph Perella Professor of Medicine at Yale Cancer Center and Yale School of Medicine, and Elizabeth DeVita Raeburn, decry our current drug regulations.

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