"Failed Climate Scientists Call For RICO Investigation To Stop Criticisms, And Non-Scientist Claims Scientists Will Cause Next Genocide"

William M. Briggs posts a fine response to some Global Warming Fascists. It starts this way:

If I ever meet NCAR’s Keven Trenberth (again), I’m going to punch him in the mouth. Same thing if I cross paths with Rutgers’ Alan Robock. Pow! Right in the kisser. I’m too much of a gentleman to pop one across the chops of University of Maryland’s Eugenia Kalnay, but she has it coming.


These cowards, these inferior intellects, these cry babies, these poor losers, these promulgators of a failed science want to sic the full force and might of United States Government on persons like yours truly and the companies or organizations that might fund me. (None do, unfortunately.)

There is a lot of good stuff at Mr. Briggs's site. In particular, there's great reading on Global Warming. See, for examples, these:

"A Citizen’s Guide to Global Warming Evidence".

"Natural Variations In Weather DO NOT Explain The ‘Pause’: Update, With Letter to Nature".

"We Know The Climate Is Warming Because It Isn’t".

But there's more than Global Warming. Two others I highly recommend are "The Science-Is-Self-Correcting Fallacy" and "The True Meaning Of Statistical Models".

(Initial link courtesy of Michael Greenspan.)

"One daily habit could have a huge impact on your child's success"

I believe it.

We've known for a while that reading to children is a great way to help kids learn how to read for themselves.  

But recent research also suggests that storytime has other benefits as well. Here are four of the main reasons why reading to children — especially when you do it regularly — could be crucial:

UPDATE: link fixed now. Thanks, Jose.