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May 15, 2015

"Low Spark Of High Heeled Boys (Uncut Long Version)"

Traffic, 1971.

"Take Blood Pressure in Both Arms"

"It may be a good idea to get a blood pressure reading in both arms rather than just one. A difference in those readings, a new study suggests, is an independent risk factor for heart disease."

"'Jeopardy's!' top 10 most common categories"

Attention contestant wannabes: American History is 4th and World History is 6th.

May 14, 2015

"The best (and worst) cities to start businesses in"

Seems to be a distinct geographic pattern.

"Hollywood Actors and Economics 101"

Larry Elder:

Welcome to Hollywood, where dreams become real — and where logic, reason and economics 101 become dreams.

"Free Speech, No Compromise"

Granting the limited exceptions already found by the Supreme Court, amen. Amen.

Related: "Islamo-non-phobia, and the value of defiance".

"The top 50 misconceptions that have become modern day 'facts'"

I knew that coffee isn't dehydrating, but I didn't know about coffee "beans" and chameleons.

May 13, 2015

Four pieces on "Deflategate"

The case for punishment by Ruth Marcus of the Washington Post, representative of the selectively censorious Left: "Unsportsmanlike Conduct".

The case for what-the-hell-is-all-the-fuss-about by a fine sportwriter whose other work I really like and whose take here I much prefer, Joe Posnanski: "Wake Me When It's Over".

An interesting argument by Mike Florio on a seemingly important detail: "Wells report disregards Anderson’s 'best recollection' on a key piece of evidence". Related: "10 Reasons Why an Appeal Overturns Tom Brady's Suspension". 

"The physical toll of being an administrator"

Photographic evidence of how rough it is.

"149-Page PhD Thesis With No Punctuation Is an Anticolonialist Protest"

I trust that no comment is needed.

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