"The main reason why prescription drugs have such crazy names"

Finding a name is a little-known cost of selling a pharmaceutical these days.

. . . but finding a new name has become increasingly complex and expensive for pharmaceutical companies as more and more drugs get approved. Many companies that used to complete this exercise in-house now hire consultants and branding experts to find one. The entire process may cost companies between $250,000 to $500,000.

"The Walker Health Care Plan"

Yuval Levin evaluates it. He likes it.

An approach like the one Walker laid out today would be a huge step in the right direction. The problems with the health-care system that preceded Obamacare called for a move to the right, not to the left—toward provider competition and consumer choice, not centralized prescription and expert management. This proposal offers such a move, going well to the right not only of Obamacare but also of what came before it. 

Four on Mrs. Clinton

"Hillary Clinton: The Democratic Party's ticking time bomb".

Then why am I — someone almost certain to vote for a Democrat, and hoping to vote for a woman, in 2016 — so pleased by Sanders' ascent? Because it helps to puncture the aura of inevitability around Hillary Clinton. Yes, she continues to lead in every national poll by a large margin, which is why few formidable opponents have shown an interest in challenging her for the Democratic nomination. That has always been foolish, given the mountain of baggage she and her husband carry around with them everywhere they go. But now it's become downright irresponsible.

"Parsing Clinton: Deflection, Deception, and Untruths".

"This kind of nonsense comes with the territory of running for president."

No, it doesn't.

This kind of nonsense come with the territory of a Clinton running for president.

The original sin is her decision to seize control of public documents. Clinton owns every ugly twist and turn, including harsh media coverage and GOP overreach.

"Hillary Clinton’s five email lies".

Hillary Clinton’s relationship with the truth has always been one of disdain, as shown by her accounts of landing in Bosnia (she was actually greeted by a child on the tarmac), her policies (she voted for the war in Iraq and only criticized it later, after the winds shifted, and after Obama) and her finances (if owning two multi-million-dollar homes is “dead broke,” then sure).

"Clinton's shaky email defenses":

After Hillary Clinton provided her much-discussed private server to the proper authorities last week, her campaign sent out an email blast to supporters and posted on its website a fascinating briefing to bring all the “facts” about the email "nonsense" together. Yet, the links the briefing provided to clear Clinton’s good name are a bit curious.