Drew Hanlen

I was reading "Mo Bamba's growing case as the best player in this draft" and there's this:

Bamba has done everything in his power since his season wrapped in March to make his case for why teams might regret passing on him, with a regimented routine including strength training, physical therapy, boxing, beach workouts, yoga, film study and two skill workouts a day with renowned player development specialist Drew Hanlen in Los Angeles.

So I wondered: how do you become a "renowned player development specialist"? In three seconds the Net gives me "Young workout guru pushes his clients toward the NBA". Which is just a wonderful story. Primarily because it shows, yet again, what is possible with entrepreneurial spirit and hard work. But also because as an old business strategy teacher, I got a kick out of seeing SWOT analysis used to apparently good effect. 

"Atonement as Activism"

John McWhorter:

This new cult of atonement is less about black people than white people. Fifty years ago, a white person learning about the race problem came away asking “How can I help?” Today the same person too often comes away asking, “How can I show that I’m a moral person?” That isn’t what the Civil Rights revolution was about; it is the product of decades of mission creep aided by the emergence of social media.

"Rise of the Rest in Appalachia"

Selena Zito tells the story of a constructive way to balance the needs of the coal industry and the environment.

"For everybody who's wanted to sit back and just completely hammer the coal industry, that's an easy thing to do," he said. "If you want to actually win over hearts and minds and you want people to actually support your environmental cause, then come in and put money to work and put people to work. It's that simple. It's really not rocket science.

"All you gotta do is come in and build."