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June 25, 2015

"The Lexus ES 350 is a surprisingly fantastic car to drive"


"Most people fundamentally misunderstand what happens if you live to be really, really old"

The point of this piece is consistent with one I read a while back: most of the disabilities we commonly associate with old age actually stem from illness. While it's true that illness and aging are positively correlated, the useful message is that if one can avoid illness, the physical and mental toll of aging could well be much less severe than is commonly thought.

"A great plan: liberals refusing to breed so they don’t biologically spread white privilege"

Spread the word.

Two on coffee

"More and more medical experts are backing the major health benefits of coffee".

"If You Drink It Regularly, Coffee Won't Dehydrate You".

June 24, 2015

"Supreme Court Bingo: How It Might Rule"

Sean Trende presents an interesting look at how the Supreme Court works and, even more interesting, predictions for the term's remaining cases.

Another two fine pieces by Theodore Dalrymple

"On Sentimentality and Compassion".

No doubt the initial impulse to avoid the easy and uncompromising censoriousness of a bygone age was both understandable and laudable: but Man is not only a political animal, he is a judging animal. To pretend to make no judgments is to make a judgment, and one with bad consequences at that.

"All This I Had Forgotten".

I have scores, if not hundreds of such notebooks, many of which, but for the handwriting, seem to have little connection with me, that is to say my current version of me, though it was undoubtedly I who wrote in them. Perhaps there are people who have recorded their lives much more systematically than I, but there must be even more who have left even less record behind.

"Is the 'Ecomodernist Manifesto' the Future of Environmentalism?"

I don't know, but is sounds like a significant improvement over what we have now.

Most of the manifesto’s authors are associated with the Breakthrough Institute, a think tank in Oakland, California. Calling themselves ecomodernists and ecopragmatists, they argue that technology, supported and accelerated by government investment, can allow humanity to simultaneously mitigate climate change, protect land, and relieve poverty. They approve of urbanization, intensified agriculture, nuclear power, aquaculture, and desalination; they disapprove of suburbanization, low-yield farming, and forms of renewable energy with large acreage demands. High-efficiency solar cells, advanced nuclear fission, and nuclear fusion, they write, “represent the most plausible pathways toward the joint goals of climate stabilization and radical decoupling of humans from nature.”

"American recycling is stalling, and the big blue bin is one reason why"

Key sentence: "Trying to encourage conservation, progressive lawmakers and environmentalists have made matters worse."

I'm shocked, just shocked.

June 23, 2015

"The Indian Century?"

The article details the tremendous promise there. But it also warns of the problems.

The list of woes is long: corruption beyond imagination, bureaucracy that nearly defeated me from the start (try to get a visa from a consulate that closes on every pantheistic holiday), slums, illiteracy, the legacy of the caste system, everything suggested by the phrase “open defecation,” and even the ritual suicide of widowed women known as suttee, which still goes on. 

"Time to get real: Iran is playing the world for suckers"

Pascal-Emmanuel Gobry seems to have it dead right.

The report last week by The New York Times that Iran kept growing its nuclear stockpile throughout the negotiations, despite White House assurances to the contrary, was the last nail in the coffin.

Iran has been caught red-handed lying, cheating, anddouble-talking throughout this process. It is still developing missiles designed to carry nuclear warheads, according to the Pentagon. It is reportedly still working with North Korea on military nuclear technology.

In other words, everything we know suggests Iran is still on its nuclear trip, despite its promises and despite the ongoing negotiations.

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