"Stephen Stills is underrated."

Includes audio of the long version of "Bluebird," which I hadn't heard before (and won't listen to again). And I disagree that "Change Partners" is "corny and unappealing". But I agree with this:

He was the driving force behind three of the best (non-Beatles) songs of the 1960s/early 1970s: Bluebird, Wooden Ships, and Suite: Judy Blue Eyes; in the process he anchored two of the major super-groups of that era.  “For What It’s Worth” is one of the most recognizable and oft-used iconic songs of the 1960s.  “Helplessly Hoping” is good too. 

My family's musical tastes

As noted here recently, I was glad to learn that there's a label for the modern music I most like--other than "I know it when I hear it"--"heartland rock". I invited my family to submit their labels.

My older daughter said her tastes accord roughly with "indie folk".

My younger daughter said hers accord pretty well with "Modern Songs That Sound Like the 1980s".

My wife hasn't submitted a label yet, but she probably doesn't need to. "Van and Bruce (and maybe CSN)" will probably do.