"Why Country Music Values are Better than Pop Music Nihilism"

I think I agree that country music is probably better than some genres for tween-agers to listen to, but I don't want to try to get deep insights into life from either.

Country music certainly isn’t perfect: I don’t think I heard a song that used the construction “It doesn’t,” rather consistently reinforcing the incorrect “it don’t” usage. But I’ll take bad grammar in a song about loving your wife over pop culture’s nihilism any day.

"If You Like Good Music, You Should Get a Perfect Score on This Quiz"

Interesting quiz but with an important qualification.

They report the average score as 158 and the best as 240. I scored 209 which I think is pretty good for an old guy. I don't think I missed any on "classic rock"--they were easy--but on rap, electronic, and indie I didn't do well. (Though I did recognize Chuck D. Old school, you know.)

But here's the qualification: both of my daughters scored 244. But the "high score" didn't update. What gives?