"How the Grateful Dead Helped Me Understand the Mets"

It's an unusual connection, but the author persuades me.

The Mets, to borrow Bill Graham’s assessment of the Dead, aren’t the best at what they do; they’re the only ones who do what they do. It’s all about the experience. At Yankee Stadium, fans line up to take their picture beside what look like tombstones of former Yankees greats. At Citi Field, fans line up to take their picture beside a little dog in sunglasses and a Mets jersey.

"The Death of the One-Hit Wonder"


We took this data and analyzed it for the number of Billboard Hot 100 songs in a given year by artists that never appeared in the Hot 100 again. In the chart below, each point represents the number of one-hit wonders in a given year. (It’s worth mentioning that the counts from 1965 to 1970 may be slightly inflated because these early one-hit wonders might have had a hit prior to the establishment of the Hot 100.)

Clearly, one-hit wonders are an endangered species. But why?