"Hitting Eighty"

Joseph Epstein discusses reaching age 80. I especially liked this:

Better yet, my Northwestern job was without tenure—each year, for 30 years, I was asked if I should like to stay on for another year—so that I never had to attend any faculty meetings and listen to the petty squabbles of my colleagues. If the reigning sin of capitalism is greed, and that of socialism is envy, from their conversation I grasped that that of academic life is resentment.

Link courtesy of Michael Greenspan.

"Yes, Beautiful People Have a Totally Different Experience of Life"

Who knew?

Being perceived differently — is there a more apt way to describe the experience of being beautiful? Some of us stop traffic, some cabs would happily run over. Digging into the psychology literature, there’s ample evidence that super-hot people are indeed perceived differently. They get ahead in life in many ways (spoiler alert: teachers call on cute kids), but they run into problems all their own.