"The Right to Try"

Alex Tabarrok:

Right to Try legislation permits patients fighting a terminal illness to get access to not-yet-FDA-approved drugs. Thirty-one states have passed Right to Try legislation with massive shows of support but so far these laws are untested by the courts so it’s not clear whether they are anything but expressive. The massive support for Right to Try laws, however, suggests that there is demand for a better FDA asBartley Madden writes . . . 

I have no idea why conservatives don't make cutting back the FDA drastically a campaign issue. Seems like a big winner to me.

Another post (video) by Alex Tabarrok that I enjoyed: "The World’s Biggest A#$#Hole".


"To improve diversity, don’t make people go to diversity training. Really."

Some people apparently will be shocked--just shocked--to learn this:

"If someone is supposed to sit there, psychologically they will be grumpy," she said. "They will not want to engage. This is what we do as human beings -- we resist control."

Pro tip: if your worldview results in you being hugely surprised by the world nearly every damn day, there's something wrong with it.