"Everything I know about life I learned behind the deli counter"

A sweet tribute to a college job working at Al's Deli in Evanston.

. . . Al’s Deli would become the best, most formative job I ever had. It was a place that taught me about food, wine, love, and became a reassuring constant when my family was splintering apart. It even led me down a path of food and beer writing. And it revealed to me one of life’s simplest truths: A well-made sandwich is the quickest path we mortals have to experiencing the divine.

"The Martian Obelisk"

"A powerful science fiction story about an architect on Earth commissioned to create (via long distance) a masterwork with materials from the last abandoned Martian colony, a monument that will last thousands of years longer than Earth, which is dying."

Packs a nice little punch at the end.

"Oprah’s iconic ‘You get a car!’ moment was crazier than you thought"

Liberalism in a nutshell: Oprah tries to do a nice thing for some people, forgets an important detail which pisses off some of the supposed beneficiaries,  and then by inflating expectations pisses off future potential beneficiaries and also complicates the lives of the givers. They learned a lesson that all big government types should heed: it's surprisingly difficult to give away money effectively.