"To improve diversity, don’t make people go to diversity training. Really."

Some people apparently will be shocked--just shocked--to learn this:

"If someone is supposed to sit there, psychologically they will be grumpy," she said. "They will not want to engage. This is what we do as human beings -- we resist control."

Pro tip: if your worldview results in you being hugely surprised by the world nearly every damn day, there's something wrong with it.

"40-something, shattered and thirsty? Welcome to your No Life Crisis"

The future eventually arrives.

The No Life Crisis is typically suffered by parents who left having kids until late in life – and these days, with more mums in their 40s than teens, this is only set to grow.

I’ll admit, I’m one of them. A former magazine editor who used to burn the candle so far at both ends there was nothing left, I, like millions of others, waited until my late 30s before beginning parenthood. Now, I have a feeling I’m more of a domestic servant and wage-earning vehicle than a human being with time for actual interests of my own.