"Thoughts from a road trip about life, nature, government, and technology"

A fine rant. Sample:

The reason the government wants to move to cars powered by flammable, polluting lithium-ion batteries is because the government claims that clear, non-pollutant CO2 is destroying the planet and causing dire climate change based on inaccurate manipulated computer models.

Then I thought, wouldn't it be nice to travel in a driverless electric car so there would be no worries?  After all, our GPS worked well, except:

  • It didn't recognize that speed limits changed in construction zones.
  • The GPS didn't work in gas stations, restaurants, tolling booths, toll plazas, mountain tunnels, driveways, garages, or over the Hudson River Bridge.
  • It was lost for eight miles in Windsor, Ontario trying to get back to the U.S.

Otherwise, it was great.