"Asians — not Hispanics — are going to become the biggest immigrant group in the US"

Surprises me.

While Hispanics currently make up the largest piece of the American immigrant population, 47% in 2015, with Asians at a distant second with 26%, Pew projections see a swap coming.

The report projects that the Asian immigrant population will overtake the Hispanic population by 2055, reaching 38% in 2065 compared to a 31% Hispanic population.

"Investment Advice Is Bad"

Yes, indeed. Featuring "Three rules of investing in capital markets," the first one of which is as follows:

The market knows everything you do and before you do. The market is smarter than you. You can never expect to earn an additional return by betting that your estimate of the value of some security is better than the market’s, that is, by buying or selling individual securities.