"Blocking the Will of the Majority Is a Fundamental Feature of the U.S. Constitutional System"

I know this and you probably know this, but that's only because we had decent courses in American history, the kind of courses that seem to be disappearing from our schools.

We all benefit from the ability of a political minority to stifle the will of the majority. The U.S. Constitution restricts the power of the majority because an unchecked majority can be just as threatening to liberty and justice as a dictator or tyrannical oligarchy.

"The Economics of Aliquippa, PA, and the Evolution of S.L. Price"

John Tamny reviews a recent book on the rise and fall of Aliquippa, PA and the Jones & Laughlin steel mill that was a vital part of the town. In this time of laments from some quarters about the "loss of manufacturing jobs" I was glad to see this bit as it is something I've long thought:

As Price writes toward book’s end about the Jones & Laughlin Steel Company’s (J&L Steel) Aliquippa-based mills that used to employ thousands, “Nobody grew up with the dream to work such jobs.  They were filthy, boring, exhausting grinds, a drain on health, a daily assault on the senses.” Getting right to the point, parents worked in the mills so that their children wouldn’t have to

"The Limits of Hasbara: A sober look at just who is lining up against Israel and why."

Nicely argued. Key bit:

When it comes to Jews, anti-Semitism generates the absurd. If you think capitalism is evil, you can focus on the “international banking conspiracy” led by the Rothschilds. If collectivism offends you, there is always Karl Marx to be the focus of your wrath, not to mention the Soviet revolution led by such “Jews” as Lenin and Stalin.

The Arab/Israeli dispute is not about land, settlements, green lines, or roadmaps. It is about Jews.

 When Jordan’s King Hussein occupied the West Bank, no one spoke of occupation or the need to create a democratic, secular state of Palestine. If the Israelis were Muslims, the world would no more care about what they did than it cares about Iran’s control of Sunni Arabs in its western provinces, China’s occupation of Mongolia, or Turkey’s partition of Cyprus.