"Where You Live Shapes Your Immune System More than Your Genes"

For me, two takeaways:

"Just like it took a while to crack the genetic code, we’re finally starting to crack the immune code, and we’re shifting away from the simplistic idea that there is only one type of immune system."

"A lot of diseases that we associated with aging have an inflammatory component, which suggests there is likely immune involvement."

"Is there a dietary treatment for multiple sclerosis?"

Ignore the gratuitous slam of pharmaceutical companies near the end and enjoy both a mom's fierce struggle to help her daughter combined with an interesting meditation on what should qualify as scientific truth.

(I note that while the author makes a fine case for loosening the standard in the case at hand, there is a good reason why scientists have that standard: loosening it would force consideration of a whole lot more nonsense. We need to compare the benefits and costs of changing the standard and there are formidable obstacles to that. Life is difficult sometimes.)

Two on promising developments fighting cancer

"Cancer drug 'like taking Panadol' developed in Australia, given fast-track approval in US".

A revolutionary drug that melts away cancer in some stage four patients has been given fast-track approval in the United States.

"Patients with advanced lymphoma in remission after T-cell therapy".

Patients who received a dose of CD19-targeted, defined-composition-engineered T cells after chemotherapy went into complete remission