"When Did BPA Stop Being Toxic?"

Another health scare bites the dust: BPA, an allegedly super harmful component of plastic bottles, isn't.

So going back to the top, when exactly did BPA stop being toxic?  Based on the collective results from the CLARITY Core study and the in-depth U.S. government research program, that’s a trick question.  It never was toxic.

"Lift Weights, Eat More Protein, Especially if You’re Over 40"

Well, maybe. Protein recommendations seem to be all over the map. I've seen recommendations from credentialed people ranging from 55 mg g day--thanks to commenter David for the correction--to about triple that. The most scientific-sounding--Who knows? I certainly don't--source I've looked at argues protein should account for between 15 and 20% of your daily calories.

"What it’s really like to spend weeks in a coma"

Yow. Harrowing even to read, but the story does have a happy ending.

After going into shock and flatlining in the ER, my next memories began once I was in the Surgical Intensive Unit. I remember being fully awake but unable to focus on anything; I could feel hands touching my head and comforting me, but I couldn’t move. I heard beeping, dinging, and ticking; I could feel my lungs expand and contract, but had no control over what was happening.