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March 06, 2015

"11 Ways To Spot Bogus Headlines About Your Health"

We really shouldn't have to warn adults that "If the research wasn’t conducted on humans, the findings can’t necessarily be extrapolated to humans" and "Correlation is not causation!"

But, sadly, given the deficiencies of our modern public education system, we probably do.

March 04, 2015

"Most Diets Can Be Boiled Down to Three Words: Eat More Vegetables"

That's consistent with my reading.

But you can't argue with his guy's advice, either: "The Brutally Honest 6 Reasons You Are Still Overfat". (Link via Instapundit.)

February 23, 2015

"Low-fat diet advice was based on undercooked science"

"Damning report says the 1977 Dietary Goals for the United States should never have been introduced." So who do I sue? See also "We should never have told people to stop eating fat".

And see also "The glorious return of the egg: Why Uncle Sam is a horrible nutritionist".

And James Delingpole makes the important connection to climate change: "So Butter is Good For You. Just Like Global Warming, Then."

February 19, 2015

"The Temporary Tattoo That Tests Blood Sugar"

This sounds like a good development.

February 17, 2015

"Chocolate & Red Meat Can Be Bad for Your Science: Why Many Nutrition Studies Are All Wrong"

"Compliance bias" is darn difficult to control for.

February 10, 2015

"Prevent Alzheimer's Disease By Drinking Beer?"

Needless to say, if borne out in further testing, this could change everything.

"Ageing research: Blood to blood"

From Nature:

By splicing animals together, scientists have shown that young blood rejuvenates old tissues. Now, they are testing whether it works for humans.

As Glenn Reynolds might say, "Faster, please."

February 09, 2015

"Tackling Cancer With a New Paradigm"

This sounds very promising.

The drugs Chen refers to are a group of immune modulation agents called PD-1/PD-L1 inhibitors. These are antibodies that allow the immune system to attack tumors by blocking a pathway that paralyzes the immune response, and they’ve achieved dramatic clinical trial results for melanoma.

See also "Merck's PD-1 star Keytruda shines at ASH, but lags behind Bristol-Myers' rival".

UPDATE: See also "Harnessing The Immune System To Fight Cancer".

January 19, 2015

"How computers will replace your doctor"

I like my doctors, but the more stuff I can do for myself the happier I'll be.

For example, look at the future of the general practitioner of medicine. This is considered the epitome of the high-skilled, secure, remunerative job. Four years of college! Four years of medical school! Internship! Residency! Government-protected cartel membership!

And yet, this profession is going the way of the dodo bird.

To understand why, the first thing you need to understand is that multiple studies have shown that software is better able to diagnose illnesses, with fewer misdiagnoses. Health wonks love this trend, known as evidence-based diagnosis, and medical doctors loathe it, because who cares about saving lives when you can avoid the humiliation of having a computer tell you what to do.

January 07, 2015

"Scientists Only Just Figured Out Where Fat Goes When You Lose Weight"

I had no idea, but your mileage may vary.

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