"How The Cures For Cancer Snuck Up On Us"

Immunotherapy sounds very encouraging.

Her doctors told her that the median survival for people in her situation was 12 years. That means, roughly, that half of people diagnosed will die before 12 years, and half will die after. “It changes your thoughts on life,” she says. “You think, all right, do one thing that frightens you every day. So I look in the mirror each morning.” She laughs.

Now, Davis has been cancer-free for four years, after being treated with an experimental drug called obinutuzumab in a trial at Southampton University’s immunotherapy department.

"I Can't Believe It's Not Science"

Hear, hear!

There are ways that federal agencies can promote dietary advice that could benefit most of the population (such as recommendations to eat more fruit and vegetables). But, in general, nutrition is far too complex and personal an issue for a one-size-fits all, top-down approach. It’s time for the government to relinquish its influence over the scientific and medical communities and let individuals (and their doctors) determine their own optimal diets.